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The main reason I am a midwife is to promote and care for normality in birth (International Confederation of Midwives, 2017). I am passionate about my work and always try to implement a salutogenic approach to birth (Plested, 2014; Downe and McCourt, 2008); caring for each birth as a unique experience, with its own normality.

The most appropriate professionals to accompany pregnancy, childbirth and the postpartum period are midwives. Then, in some cases, women also need the support of other professionals: psychologists, pelvic floor physiotherapists, osteopaths, obstetricians, neonatologists or other specialists in different aspects of health.

Midwife Services

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Home birth





Years of experience

Why do you need a midwife?

More satisfaction

More satisfaction on the part of women, especially if there is continuity of care.

More control and decisiveness

More perceived control and freedom of decision.

Better results

Fewer medical interventions and better maternal and perinatal outcomes

Better childbirth and breastfeeding

Increased likelihood of spontaneous vaginal delivery and successful breastfeeding

Less analgesia

The woman is much less likely to ask for (or be offered) regional analgesia.

Less instrumentalisation

Less likelihood of instrumental delivery or caesarean section.

Less episiotomy

Less likelihood of episiotomy


"We contacted Imma with the intention of labouring at home but giving birth in hospital. Everything related to pregnancy and motherhood was new to us, and we had a lot of doubts and fears. In fact, until we talked to her, we hadn't even considered giving birth at home. A few months later (now with Max in our arms) we can say that we couldn't have made a better decision. The birth was an extremely intense but also beautiful and empowering experience for both of us. Imma made us feel so secure and confident that we were able to give ourselves fully to a moment that required all our strength and energy. The memory that remains of that special day is placid and tender, magical, and that is priceless. It is something we will always be grateful for.
Carla Cordoncillo Acosta and Juan José Lizcano Palacio
Parents of Max, born 09.01.2023
"Imma accompanied us for the birth of our second baby. It was a wonderful experience and we are very happy that we made the decision to work with her and give birth at home. For me, Imma has the perfect balance between being caring, strong and professional. She helped me feel prepared, gave us all the information we needed before and after the birth. She was always available to answer our questions. During the birth she helped me feel confident and strong, I felt very safe and cared for throughout the whole process. I would definitely recommend working with Imma if you are considering a home birth."
Jennifer Rose Ament
Mother of Riel and
Noah, born 24/10/2020
"Imma was the midwife we chose to accompany us during the home birth of our daughter, Zoe. We are very happy that we chose her because she proved to be an excellent professional at all times. You can really feel all the experience she has and that makes you always feel that everything will go well, that home birth is the best decision you have made and that she is the best professional there was to accompany you. We only have words of thanks for her and we are already recommending her to other couples who want to have a totally respected, beautiful and empowering home birth. "
Núria Roura Peregrina
Mother of Zoe, born 12/04/2020

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