Traditionally, the puerperium is the period from the delivery of the placenta until the end of the sixth week after birth. However, the adjustment to new motherhood/parenthood may take longer, depending on the physical and emotional situation of the mother and the newborn.

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I accompany you in the postpartum period

The role of the midwife in the postpartum period is essentially to care for the mother to enable her to care for her child, promoting her autonomy and ability to make responsible decisions (Jay, 2008). Every woman should be involved in planning her care and that of her baby during the postpartum period so that care is focused on her specific needs (Baston, 2005) but ideally this should be planned before the birth, so that afterwards, the mother does not feel so overwhelmed and has the necessary logistical and emotional support from the start. Therefore, as a midwife, I adapt the care offered to each family reality according to their cultural and economic environment (NICE, 2015), the number of children in the family, the domestic environment, the way in which they wish to feed the baby, the baby's condition and growth, the mother's physical recovery and her psychological state.

After immediate postpartum care, the mother, especially after a hospital birth, can often feel lonely, doubtful and fragile, and overwhelmed by a completely new and responsible situation.

Whether I have delivered the baby at home myself, or the woman wants postpartum support only, I am on call until clinically necessary. This means that both the woman and any family member who is concerned about the mother's or baby's condition can call me at any time.

In a postpartum visit I make sure that the woman is recovering physically by observing her vital signs, the state of her breasts, uterus and perineum, blood loss, ability to urinate and defecate properly, and I inform the woman and her family to recognise possible typical postpartum complications, as well as giving advice on contraception. I also provide guidance on all aspects of baby care and how to make breastfeeding effective and successful, explaining step by step how to position the baby, how to recognise a good latch, as well as monitoring weight gain.

Perhaps the least obvious and most important task, however, is emotional support and companionship (Baston, 2005). Many mothers often find it difficult to adjust to this new reality and the presence of a trusted outsider can help the mother to release anxieties and gain confidence and self-esteem (Jay, 2008).

It is in postpartum care where more than ever the work of the midwife has a great impact on the health of families and therefore an important impact on public health (Midwifery 2020, 2010) prioritising individualisation and personalisation of care to ensure the best results and the highest satisfaction (Malouf, 2010). et al, 2019).

Objectives and Methodology

Every mother/partner/family is informed that home birth can only take place when the birth is considered low risk and the following conditions are met:

  • the baby is presented cephalic (i.e. head down)
  • labour starts spontaneously between 37 and 42 weeks of gestation
  • the pregnancy is not multiple (there is only one baby)
  • there is an absence of health complications for both the intrauterine baby and the mother.

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What do I offer as a professional?

  • Postpartum visits on days 1, 3, 5, 10 and/or until discharge. However, flexibility is very important and I adapt the visits according to complications or specific needs.
  • There is usually a provisional discharge around day 15, if all goes well, and the final discharge is on day 28 of the baby's life.
  • Constant telephone attention, if required, until final discharge.
  • Individual breastfeeding counselling or support in the event of severe complications or physical and/or emotional difficulties.
  • Assessment of the perineum before discharge with supervision of ergonomics, carrying and daily habits. Recommendation of personalised exercises according to each situation.
  • Ritual of La Cerrada once the quarantine is over, if desired.


"I don't know if I can ever find a way to express all that you have transmitted to me in a few words. First of all I would like to tell you how grateful I am, it has been fantastic to meet you and I am honoured that you have shared your great knowledge with us. I come out of the classes, week after week, more and more focused and calm with the final process of pregnancy. Without a doubt, everything is becoming clearer and more enriching. The power of knowing is incredible. This is it, you have totally empowered me, I feel that I am very clear about what I want or don't want during the birth of my son and at the same time you have helped to awaken in me the mammal that we carry inside, the one that lets it flow and feels prepared for whatever may happen. Thank you infinite Imma, from the bottom of my heart".
Aina March
"It has been a very enriching course. An alternative to the typical pre-birth course. Much closer and more personalised. Led by a great professional with a spirit full of experience and knowledge. A close and decisive person who is worth listening to. A welcoming space where you can get to know the process of pregnancy and childbirth, to understand it and live it without fear and with the freedom and security that comes from knowing what is happening. Thanks to Imma for organising a course like this. Highly recommended"
"The childbirth preparation course given by Imma approached us, in a very respectful and scientifically based way, to everything related to childbirth and postpartum. We understood how the woman's physiology works, the rhythms of a normal birth, the establishment of lactation, the postpartum period and the important role of the couple in the whole process. In fact, it was a before and after, because in just a few sessions, and with the large amount of contrasted information that she provided us with, we were able to decide on the birth option and accompaniment that we wanted. We left this course confident, capable and informed to start walking the great journey of parenthood. We were extremely grateful for everything you offered us Imma!"

Midwifery and postpartum

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