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Welcome to my website! I am a midwife committed to the well-being and health of women during pregnancy, childbirth and the postpartum period. Here you will find information and personalised services to accompany you in this wonderful stage of your life.

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I work exclusively at home accompanying families during pregnancy, childbirth and postpartum.

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An experienced midwife

Find out more about my studies and my experience as a midwife, educator and counsellor.

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Some of my services as a midwife

These are some of the most requested services.

Preparing for childbirth

Expert support for pregnant women, teaching techniques and care for a healthy and safe birth. I run courses in authorised centres.

Home birth

Professional accompaniment at home, guaranteeing a safe birth, respecting individual wishes and needs.


Postpartum support: Comprehensive counselling for mothers, supporting emotional well-being, breastfeeding and newborn care.

Midwife, a professional for pregnant women

I work as a self-employed midwife, offering home services and pre-pregnancy, pregnancy, childbirth and postpartum counselling.

The accompaniment you need

During all stages of motherhood.

The best way to have a respectful childbirth

With up-to-date information you can make the best decisions for you and your baby.

"Imma is a midwife who transmits a proven confidence in her performance. She is very professional and experienced, clear, didactic and at the same time empathetic. We feel very fortunate to have had her by our side. We experienced an obstetric emergency and we felt in good hands at all times."
Birgit Hartmann
Max's mother, Ada
and Lorenzo
Years of experience

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In my blog, I write about the most common questions in the field of childbirth preparation, pregnancy, childbirth, home birth and postpartum. I also give advice on breastfeeding and baby care.

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"We felt very comfortable with Imma. She has inspired us with confidence at every visit, but especially during the birth, during which her treatment was discreet and professional. Her interventions were silent and took place in the background, without interrupting the process we were going through. Even so, she was always there to guide us or to ask her questions...".
Layla Palomo and Daniel Burgos
"I gave birth with Imma twice... and I would still give birth with her if I had the opportunity to do so. In fact I chose to give birth with her before I chose to give birth at home. When I met her, the place became a secondary issue, but her accompaniment was paramount. I will always be grateful to her for her great professionalism, her availability, her gentleness, her openness, her hugs, which are as warm and tender as those of a mother.
Lucie Quéméner
"With Imma I felt confident from the first minute. I felt that she empowered us throughout the whole process: before, during and after the birth.
As a parent, it made me feel involved in the experience in a very natural way.
Imma is a very transparent person and works in a very honest way which helps to transmit a lot of confidence and security. When describing her, the word integrity comes to mind, integrity as a person and as a professional.
Léo Martin

Midwife in Barcelona

Contact me to clarify any doubts you may have, it will be a pleasure to help you resolve the concerns that arise in these important moments of our lives.

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