Shiatsu: holistic and integrative therapy

Zen Shiatsu is a powerful tool that can be of great help at any time of life.

What is Shiatsu?

Shiatsu is a Japanese manual therapy, based on the principles of traditional Chinese medicine, which applies pressure, stretching and rocking to specific points and channels in the body, where organs, muscles and bones are reflected. It helps to restore the body's balance, improving vital energy and activating the body's healing systems.

Zen Shiatsu can be especially helpful in all the processes of change that motherhood brings, offering mother and child physical and emotional support and support to carry out this powerful task with serenity.

Shiatsu helps to reduce the tensions that may appear and helps to prevent complications, being of great support to enjoy this unique, enriching and gratifying human experience. hello

Objectives and Methodology

The tactile sense is as well developed in the foetus as the auditory sense. The amniotic fluid and the walls of the placenta provide continuous gentle stimulation like floating in warm water. Shiatsu can provide adequate stimulation for both the mother and the baby's sensory development.

The work of the shiatsu therapist depends on the needs of the woman and the period of pregnancy she is in.

Shiatsu does not always follow the same massage routine.

The therapist "listens" to the receiver with her hands; it is the woman's body that dictates what kind of stretching or mobilisation should be done, which meridians should be worked and with what kind of energy this work should be carried out.

The body's energy changes constantly, and the therapist must know how to interpret these changes in order to be flexible during the treatment. On the other hand, to prepare for the birth, I usually suggest some visualisations, which the mother-to-be can use when the time comes; and, if I am at her side during the birth, I remind her of them, in order to make her work easier.

During pregnancy, Zen Shiatsu can help:

  • increasing body awareness
  • regulating fluctuating emotional states, giving psychological benefits
  • stimulating the baby's sensory development through the mother
  • alleviating or avoiding typical problems:
    • nausea and vomiting
    • back pain
    • digestion
    • insomnia
    • oedemas
    • leg cramps
  • prevents eclampsia and pre-eclampsia
  • eczema and skin itching
  • constipation
  • breech presentation
  • One session per month is recommended from conception - or before.

Shiatsu and childbirth

Shiatsu is ONLY used during childbirth, in case of complications or particularly painful areas, before resorting to medical intervention in hospital, because if we respect the physiology of childbirth, taking into account the basic needs of each woman at each moment, her body is designed and prepared to give birth without any external intervention.

Zen Shiatsu can help during childbirth:

  • when there is tension and fear: relaxing effects on the nervous system
  • in case of a ruptured pouch and absence of contractions
  • in case of contractions without dilatation
  • in case of very prolonged labour: soothing, relaxing and revitalising effects
  • in case of prolonged expulsion: assists in the descent of the child
  • in case of difficulties in delivering the placenta

Shiatsu and postpartum

Zen Shiatsu helps to restore the energy lost during childbirth and to strengthen the mother, also helping her to regain a balanced state of mind so that she can enjoy a healthy and happy upbringing.


"I don't know if I can ever find a way to express all that you have transmitted to me in a few words. First of all I would like to tell you how grateful I am, it has been fantastic to meet you and I am honoured that you have shared your great knowledge with us. I come out of the classes, week after week, more and more focused and calm with the final process of pregnancy. Without a doubt, everything is becoming clearer and more enriching. The power of knowing is incredible. This is it, you have totally empowered me, I feel that I am very clear about what I want or don't want during the birth of my son and at the same time you have helped to awaken in me the mammal that we carry inside, the one that lets it flow and feels prepared for whatever may happen. Thank you infinite Imma, from the bottom of my heart".
Aina March
"It has been a very enriching course. An alternative to the typical pre-birth course. Much closer and more personalised. Led by a great professional with a spirit full of experience and knowledge. A close and decisive person who is worth listening to. A welcoming space where you can get to know the process of pregnancy and childbirth, to understand it and live it without fear and with the freedom and security that comes from knowing what is happening. Thanks to Imma for organising a course like this. Highly recommended"
"The childbirth preparation course given by Imma approached us, in a very respectful and scientifically based way, to everything related to childbirth and postpartum. We understood how the woman's physiology works, the rhythms of a normal birth, the establishment of lactation, the postpartum period and the important role of the couple in the whole process. In fact, it was a before and after, because in just a few sessions, and with the large amount of contrasted information that she provided us with, we were able to decide on the birth option and accompaniment that we wanted. We left this course confident, capable and informed to start walking the great journey of parenthood. We were extremely grateful for everything you offered us Imma!"

Doubts about Shiatsu

Contact me to clarify any doubts you may have, it will be a pleasure to help you resolve the concerns that arise in these important moments of our lives.

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