Maternity preparation

A space to prepare for the birth physically and emotionally, to inform you about the different options for childbirth and parenting, to prepare you for the changes and to share your concerns. We will approach motherhood as an opportunity for growth to rediscover the body, breastfeeding and parenting, and to live the physical, emotional, mental and couple changes to the full.

Activities 2023-2024

Maternity Preparation Course 16h

  • Open to all pregnant women at any stage of pregnancy.
  • You can come alone or with your partner.
  • Wear comfortable, loose-fitting clothing
  • Have water at hand and something to take notes

Price: 240 per course and couple
Advance booking is required at the centre of your choice.

Option 1

8 Sessions of 2 hours

📍Manlleu Green Clinic
8 consecutive Tuesdays from 5 to 7 p.m.
Registration directly at Clínica Verda
Av. Roma, 150
📞93 850 76 59
📱616 34 82 65

Option 2 Intensive

2 Saturdays in consecutive months

📍Espai la Tribu in Vic
from 9am to 1.30pm and from 3pm to 7.15pm
23 Sept and 21 Oct
18 Nov and 16 Dec
20 Jan and 17 Feb
16 March and 20 April
18 May and 15 Jun
Registration link
C/ Joan Puig, 2
📱633 30 64 47

Objectives and Methodology

The aim of these sessions is to increase awareness of one's own body and knowledge of the reality of motherhood/parenthood both at birth and in childbirth. This allows us to gain the necessary confidence to make responsible and informed decisions, thus knowing our rights and those of our children.

In each session there will be a theoretical part, a practical part of body work and a space to share doubts and concerns.

The following topics will be covered:

  • Pregnancy and birth professionals: who are they, what is their role, which one to choose?
  • tests: which ones are compulsory, what do they entail?
  • Changes that can be expected
  • Most common annoyances: more efficient solutions
  • Lifestyle, diet and exercise
  • changes that can be expected
  • emotions: the nest, the partner, family and friends
  • physiological needs to prepare for an optimal birth
  • birth and postpartum preparations
  • physiology of birth
  • the basic needs of the woman in labour
  • the baby's basic needs during labour
  • physiological childbirth
  • medicalised childbirth
  • different types of childbirth: options in Catalonia, most common and less common practices
  • what each type of birth means for the mother
  • what each type of birth means for the baby
  • what a birth plan is, how to write one, what it is for and where to submit it
  • rights and duties of health users
  • changes in the couple: feeling and expressing new needs, finding a new balance and listening.
  • the role of the partner: in childbirth and the postpartum period
  • the woman's role: in childbirth and the postpartum period
  • and the brothers?
  • and the rest of the family?.....
  • mother-baby postpartum needs
  • mother and baby care
  • the basics of a happy postpartum: loneliness, fatigue, dependency, support groups, etc.
  • where to find postpartum help: who can offer what?
  • basics for successful, satisfying and pleasurable breastfeeding
  • instinct
  • basic principles of a correct grip: how to do it and how to recognise it
  • common problems and discomforts: how to solve them, where and when to seek help, the importance of immediacy to avoid complications
  • breastfeeding support groups and parenting groups
  • children's health: the role of the parents, the paediatrician, the midwife, the educators...
  • relaxation: conscious breathing, contact with the baby
  • recognition of the pelvis: cradle and containment, balance and stability, freedom and pathway
  • Mobility of the pelvis: pelvis/spinal column relationship, flexibilisation and toning up
  • Mobility in childbirth
  • mammalian childbirth: instinct and the work of two people
  • specific exercises of:
    • pelvic toning and flexibility
    • spinal flexibilisation and toning
  • basic techniques of pain relief through contact
  • the perineum: identity, containment and intimacy, sensitisation, flexibilisation, toning and protection
  • breathing as a relaxation tool
  • breathing as a tool for connecting with the baby
  • breathing as analgesia
  • voice and sound as analgesia
  • flexing of the diaphragm and other respiratory muscles
  • mobilisation from the uterus: uterine potency


"I don't know if I can ever find a way to express all that you have transmitted to me in a few words. First of all I would like to tell you how grateful I am, it has been fantastic to meet you and I am honoured that you have shared your great knowledge with us. I come out of the classes, week after week, more and more focused and calm with the final process of pregnancy. Without a doubt, everything is becoming clearer and more enriching. The power of knowing is incredible. This is it, you have totally empowered me, I feel that I am very clear about what I want or don't want during the birth of my son and at the same time you have helped to awaken in me the mammal that we carry inside, the one that lets it flow and feels prepared for whatever may happen. Thank you infinite Imma, from the bottom of my heart".
Aina March
"It has been a very enriching course. An alternative to the typical pre-birth course. Much closer and more personalised. Led by a great professional with a spirit full of experience and knowledge. A close and decisive person who is worth listening to. A welcoming space where you can get to know the process of pregnancy and childbirth, to understand it and live it without fear and with the freedom and security that comes from knowing what is happening. Thanks to Imma for organising a course like this. Highly recommended"
"The childbirth preparation course given by Imma approached us, in a very respectful and scientifically based way, to everything related to childbirth and postpartum. We understood how the woman's physiology works, the rhythms of a normal birth, the establishment of lactation, the postpartum period and the important role of the couple in the whole process. In fact, it was a before and after, because in just a few sessions, and with the large amount of contrasted information that she provided us with, we were able to decide on the birth option and accompaniment that we wanted. We left this course confident, capable and informed to start walking the great journey of parenthood. We were extremely grateful for everything you offered us Imma!"
"Thanks to this course I feel that I have all the information I need to live the adventure of motherhood with full awareness and knowledge. Imma is wise, rigorous, professional and always ready to accompany you and answer your questions. The atmosphere is family friendly and perfect for a tribe! Super recommended !!!! "
"I went during the autumn of 2019, without having any references, but I got it right. From the beginning she was close, direct and eager to accompany us in such an important moment as motherhood and fatherhood, a time full of illusions but also of doubts, fears and insecurity. I recommend it to 100%".
"I highly recommend the 100% course. Super complete, you get to know aspects of pregnancy and postpartum that nobody tells you about. It helped me to decide for a natural birth and to be fully informed at every stage, giving me peace of mind throughout my pregnancy".
"The classes with Imma Sàrries helped me to feel confident during pregnancy and childbirth. She helps you to know and believe in your body's capacity. She gives you up-to-date information based on scientific evidence and your rights. And the best thing is the advice she gives you from her experience as a professional, a mother and a woman. Our little girl is 1 year old and we still remember quotes from her. We are very grateful for your support".
"Doing the course with Imma was a great success. She is passionate about what she does, very professional and knowledgeable. The classes were very well organised and helpful. For me, as a mother, she helped me to empower myself and to know how to prepare myself for the part I wanted for myself and my son".
"We were quite sure that the birth would be in hospital, but we didn't want to repeat the experience of the birth of my eldest son. We did the training with Imma and we immediately realised that she gave us information and tools with professionalism, as well as the security and confidence necessary to be able to experience a respectful birth. And so it was, thanks to the course, her accompaniment and support at all times, Ada was born in hospital with a fantastic natural birth. Without Imma's guidance I would not have had the strength to make it possible. I am infinitely grateful. "

Childbirth preparation courses

Contact me to clarify any doubts you may have, it will be a pleasure to help you resolve the concerns that arise in these important moments of our lives.

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